Caring for the caregiver

On 29 January 2021 representatives of the 3 organizations, that we collaborated within our community outreach efforts, converged at our offices in CBD. These are reps from ChengaOse Association, Triple S Centre of Hope and Nyararai Children’s Home. This time our focus was not on the disadvantaged children but on the men and women who work with the disadvantaged children. We were focusing on the frontline workers, the caregivers, the gatekeepers and the coordinators who work tirelessly behind the scene. Through their resilience, dedication, sacrifice and ingenuity in 2020, we were able to reach out to more than 400 families under ChengaOse who were in dire need of food during the April-September lockdown. We also cushioned Nyararai Children’s Home through monthly provisions of food and other basic necessities. At Triple S Centre of Hope, a water well was drilled, giving children access to clean water. All these would not have been possible without these care-givers. The food hampers handed over are just a small gesture from a big heart saying “we appreciate you; we acknowledge your relentless efforts and sacrifices in helping the less privileged and we thank you for the gift that you are in your communities” Due to the travel restrictions and the public gathering guidelines, we only invited representatives from the three centres.