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Dream Big. Set goals. Make plans. Live life. Love Jesus. In today’s global and mobile economy, you can live where you want, travel where you choose, take in the beauty of this world, and still perform your daily work responsibilities. With the advent of mobile technology, outsourcing, flexible work environments, proper planning and selection of careers, one can live almost anywhere. Imagine wandering the streets of Rome, watching the sunsets of Santorini, or cruising along the Croatian shoreline. Enjoying seeing the sights, sipping the vino by day, and starting your workday in the late afternoon and not missing a beat. How about waking at 500am in the Hawaiian Islands, busting your tail until noon, then off to enjoy the surf, sun and fun the rest of the day. Shaka! Africa! Up to enjoy the migration of the elephants, the roar of the lion, or the beauty of the Pangolin…then start your workday and keep up with your team. It’s all possible. Here are a few tips, tools, and suggestions I have utilized, and they work:
  • Outsourcing
Spend 6-8 months training your virtual team to handle the daily tasks, generate leads, or even close sales. They can handle logistics, accounting, your CRM, customer service, etc…
  • CRM
Pick one that is dynamic for your industry. These tools can impact your performance and efficiency like none other. I use Zoho in one of our companies, and SalesForce in another. Both are great resources.
  • DropBox
This is a great resource for sharing files, photos and documents. Easy and relatively inexpensive.
  • Zoom
A great tool for video-conferencing and group calls. Free version available, or a higher-end for around $15 per month.
  • Laptop
Get the best one you can afford. I choose Apple/MAC 15’ (large screen because I’m old) Don’t go “tightwad” on technology. Don’t wait until you are too old, too broke, or too small-minded to work as a Global Citizen. Dream Big! J.W. Oliver is a Co-Founder and Managing Partner for based in Texas with a BP centre in Africa. They are a Christian based business with a desire to help business and ministries be their very best while helping support others Globally.
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