How To Improve Your Team’s Customer Service Skills

Teamwork makes the dream work!

An ideal working environment is what everyone wants. Being able to feel comfortable with the people you work with allows the team to improve its work and to get work done effectively. Working environments also influence work culture which can translate to employees to naturally offer great customer service.

Team dynamics differ with every business. This means that you have to structure your communication in a way that helps improve your relationships with your clients. Improving your team communication is based on a few things such as understanding what makes your team productive, finding a communication model that works, and implementing it.

Communication is one of the things you cannot afford to compromise on as a business. Why? Communication by definition is the exchange of information, which means that as a business you revolve around varying information. This information must be handled well and passed on effectively.

Nearly 75% of employers rate collaboration and teamwork as “very important,” yet only 18% of employees actually get communication evaluations during their performance reviews, and 10% actually get a form of training in regards to effective communication.

How do you improve your team’s customer service skills?

You can start by improving your communication.
  1. Have an open-door policy:

An open-door policy means that as the leader you have given your team the opportunity to freely talk to you about issues that affect the business. This means letting your team know you are open to discussing work projects, goals, and anything else at any time.

According to an article by Forbes keeping an open-door policy means literally having your door open. In the case of virtual teams, it means dedicating a good part of your time to the needs of your employees. Through this, you are promoting a culture of openness and transparency. It also gives fast access to information; for instance, if a client is unhappy their query is able to be resolved in good time. The open-door policy provides for accessibility.

  1. Allow reciprocal feedback

Constructive criticism is a must if your business is ever going to be productive. Allow your team to make suggestions, discuss and criticize elements within your business that might need improvement. This allows your team to make an impact on how the business is run.  Just simply saying “fix this” in response to a submitted project isn’t helpful to you or your team. To be effective, feedback needs to be clear and detailed, as well as easy to comprehend. This facilitates the active improvement of customer service skills.

  1. Decide which communication model works best for you

Different situations require different ways of communicating. For a project involving virtual team members working remotely, a video conference is an excellent way for everyone to keep in contact about progress and milestones.

  1. Be open and honest with your team members

Honesty is the best policy. Being upfront helps with transparency within your organization.  The single most effective way to improve interpersonal communication in the workplace is to instill a sense of trust among your team members.

5.     Take Ownership for Mistakes

The best managers can relate to their team members. That includes owning up to the decisions that you make and admitting when you could have done something differently. Everyone makes mistakes, so by confessing your flaws, you are showing your employees that you are just as human as they are.

Communication requires clarity and understanding. Good team communication is imperative to your success. The above steps will help you improve communication with your virtual teams which will result in successful or good customer care.

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