Episode 50 | Building Your Brand, Brick by Brick

Imagine: more time for visionary and strategic thinking and client calls, less time on scheduling & social media. A branding EA can make it happen! They’ll build your online presence, so you can focus on generating high-quality leads.

Episode 49 | The EA Series – How a Marketing EA Can Transform Your Workflow

Dive into the world of marketing mastery with Bornwell and JW! In this episode, we dissect Bornwell’s unique role as a marketing specialist. We’ll uncover how he crafts captivating campaigns, develops podcasts, manages design projects with laser focus and supports JW, freeing up his time to tackle the big-picture marketing activities.

Episode 48 | The EA Series – A Strategic Approach to Efficient Project Management with your Executive Assistant

Join Tina and JW as they discuss Tina’s innovative role as a strategic executive assistant and project manager. Tina’s responsibilities include strategic planning, collaboration, and project execution aligned with JW’s vision and company goals. They emphasize the value of Tina’s expertise in efficiently coordinating projects and delegating tasks to optimize productivity. By entrusting Tina with… Continue reading Episode 48 | The EA Series – A Strategic Approach to Efficient Project Management with your Executive Assistant

Episode 47 | The EA Series – Leveraging Executive Assistants, Beeyond Expectations

Tune in to this podcast to learn how JW Oliver’s Executive Assistant, Strategic Executive Assistant, and Visionary Brand Assistant help him unlock his full potential. Like what you heard? Reach out to discuss how you can delegate and excel beyond your personal and business expectations with a highly educated assistant from ZimWorX who speaks the… Continue reading Episode 47 | The EA Series – Leveraging Executive Assistants, Beeyond Expectations

Episode 46 | The Impact of Bi-lingual Teams On Your Business

Tune in to our podcast episode as JW Oliver explores the value of leveraging bilingual remote team members proficient in both Spanish and English. Join us as we delve into the strategic advantages of this service and how it can propel your business forward.

Episode 45 | Quality Team Members

Join us on the Insource Podcast as we delve into the essential considerations of insourcing, outsourcing, nearshoring, onshoring, and offshoring for your business. In this episode, we navigate the complexities surrounding these options to help you identify the best fit for your growing business. Tune in to gain clarity and make informed decisions about building… Continue reading Episode 45 | Quality Team Members

Episode 44 | Train The Trainer

Looking to scale without overstretching yourself? On the latest “Insource, Don’t Outsource” podcast we discuss an invaluable scaling technique – selecting a rockstar employee to document processes. They then train all new hires, taking the load off you as leader. Not only does this maintain standards as you scale, it empowers your team with leadership… Continue reading Episode 44 | Train The Trainer

Episode 43 | The Connector

The Connector role helps busy executives reach out and stay in touch with people within or outside your organisation. This role is very important as it helps busy executives maximise their day. You can learn more about insourcing by listening to the rest of our Executive Assistant series wherever you get your podcasts.

Episode 42 | Multi-tasking Made Simple

Discover the missing element that gives you more time to grow personally and professionally. Get all those seemingly impossible to-do tasks done with ease. Find out how you can invest in the solution that enables you to reach greater heights when you tune into the Insource Don’t Outsource podcast.

Episode 41 | The Advisor

Plan, strategize, grow. With a strategic adviser you have more time to do everything you need to make all those plans and dreams you have a reality. Tune in to the Executive Assistant series and learn how you can better your business efforts by leveraging remote teams for the success of your business.

Episode 38 | Downtown Jackie Brown with J.W. Oliver

Jackie Brown, Chief People Officer of Community Dental Partners and J.W. Oliver, Managing Partner at SupportDDS/ZimWorX, discuss how appreciation, being supportive, inclusive and valuing each team member builds a healthy environment that reduces human resource turnover.

Episode 36 | Executive Assistant Series – The Communicator

The Communicator can help you put your messages into a usable form. Make sure you have the right message communicated through the right channel with your Executive Assistant. Save time and improve your efficiency by leveraging remote teams for better communication in your organization.

Episode 33 | Executive Assistant Series – The Gatekeeper

Executive assistants are the gate keepers to your time and you need them to keep you productive on the top level tasks only you can do. Tune in and learn how to best leverage an EA in your business. Like this episode? Follow us to catch the next part of this series.

Episode 32 | Effective Teams for Effective Businesses

Panelists JW Oliver, Tanner Applegate, Brenda McNulty, Elliot Zibel and Jacob Salem share how outsourcing makes business processes more efficient. Watch and learn how Unify, Select Dental Management and EZMetrics use remote teams for success and professional growth.

Episode 31 | Team Building 101 For Remote Teams

You can enjoy team building exercises even when you have an office made up of onshore, offshore or nearshore team members. Tune into this episode for fun ways to help your remote team collaborate better with your in-house team.

Episode 30 | Train The Trainer

You can train your teams over and over but investing in your trainer can be more useful in building integrated teams without having to continually train everyone. In this episode, J.W. Oliver shares how big successful teams train the trainer to scale their business.

Episode 28 | The Pura Vida of Bilingual/Spanish Support

Get the competitive edge when you leverage bilingual dental certified virtual team members from SupportDDS. Our winning formula, a state-of-the-art centre in Costa Rica. Embrace Pura Vida in your practice. SupportDDS.com/time

Episode 27 | How To Stay Competitive

To succeed in any business you need to have the competitive edge. JW Oliver dives into getting the competitive edge through leveraging remote virtual teams . Easily integrate and implement these systems by clicking the links in the description.

Episode 26 | Gain Your Time Back

Earn back your time by sorting out your tasks into 5 baskets: Eliminate, Automate, Delegate, Procrastinate and Concentrate. Tune into this episode to learn the skills you need to redeem your time.

Episode 25 | Answer the Dang Phone

32% of calls to your business go unanswered. That is alarming when you pour hundreds into costly marketing on Facebook, Google, Instagram and more. Consider leveraging remote teams so you do not lose your marketing investment.

Episode 19 | Leveraging Teams, Reducing Overhead

JW Oliver guides you on how you can leverage virtual teams to reduce your overhead expenditure. Through insourcing you can save while getting trained dedicated teams for your dental practice. Schedule a discovery call today to find out more.

Episode 16 | Accounting Services

One of the most taxing activities in any thriving business has to do with accounting. Insourcing your accounting and payroll services can be easier when you have a highly educated team supporting you. Listen in for the benefits of outsourcing your accounting services.

Episode 15 | Data Security

Your data security is a reflection of how much you value your patients. This is why SupportDDS has taken every step necessary to ensure military-grade data security for our clients. We ensure that all our team members are trained in data security and adhere to HIPAA guidelines in all they do.

Episode 13 | Keeping Your Virtual Assistants Motivated

SupportDDS offers trained virtual teams for the success of your Dental Business. Our team members are dedicated , educated ,english speaking professionals that will go above and beyond for the success of your business.

Episode 12 | Bi-lingual Remote Virtual Teams

SupportDDS takes every opportunity to improve your business. This is why we are now offering our unBEElievable services in Spanish. We have trained Spanish speaking team members that are dedicated to the success of your dental business. Give us a call and find out how you can get your virtual team member today.

Episode 11 | Local Impact of Insourcing

We have an ‘Insource Don’t Outsource’ special. JW hosts Simon, our ZimWorX logistics concierge. He takes us through his rise and fall journey till he started working with ZimWorX. This is a touching series that will show you how prayer, resilience and perseverance lead to excellence.

Episode 9 | Workplace Wellness

Workplace Wellness refers to health promotion activities or policies that support positive employee health and behavior. This is an important factor for team members or employees because it helps employees feel supported and productive at work. In this week’s episode of the Insource Don’t Outsource podcast, our host J.W Oliver goes into more detail about… Continue reading Episode 9 | Workplace Wellness

Episode 8 | Offshore, Nearshore, Onshore

It’s another exciting episode of our podcast Insource Don’t Outsource. In this episode, our host J.W Oliver explains the various terminology used in shoring or sourcing, such as onshore, offshore, and nearshore. He goes on to discuss the benefits of offshoring, which is employed by the ZimWorX team in Zimbabwe.

Episode 7 | What Equipment Do I Need?

Have you ever wondered what kind of equipment you need for your practice or business? J.W. Oliver discusses the equipment provided for your team member to operate professionally in this episode. He emphasizes on how well-equipped the workstations in our Harare offices are, as well as the world class equipment that they provide.

Episode 6 | Using Time Zones To Your Advantage

In this episode, J.W Oliver identifies the benefits of working with team members in different parts of the world. Listen now to learn how you can leverage your virtual team members’ time zones with your in-house team for longer operating hours and greater growth.

Episode 5 | Stereotyping of Outsourcing

Insourcing is an excellent approach to improve your team’s intelligence, raise morale, and bottom line. Join J.W Oliver as he dispels common myths about insourcing, explains why it’s crucial, and outlines what to anticipate from your outsourced personnel.

Episode 3 | I Need A Unicorn

We have so many people who call us and tell us they are looking for a person who can do a wide range of tasks. Don’t look for a Unicorn! Listen and learn why the Unicorn Approach is bad for your business.

Episode 2 | What can a V.A. do for me?

Virtual team members have changed the way you do business. They have become a dedicated addition to your current team. Join JW Oliver as he gives you invaluable insights on how insourcing can revolutionize your business.

Episode 1 | Why Should I Insource?

Why is insourcing important? JW Oliver delivers a unique take on insourcing. This motivating presentation takes all potential and established businesses on a journey set to better their recruitment practices, save more on operation costs and add invaluable team members to grow their business. Listen to J.W. Oliver as he explains why your business should… Continue reading Episode 1 | Why Should I Insource?

Introduction to Insourcing

In this episode, JW Oliver explains how to free up your time, elevate yourself and your team using virtual teams. He also covers how to leverage your growth using insourcing. Listen in to learn how to get the most out of your virtual assistant and experiencing higher levels of productivity.