Our Growing Together Culture is animated by the win-win-win philosophy. We are all motivated by winning – that is a social fact. Unfortunately, this can lead to excessive competition to outdo the other. At ZimWorX, our approach to winning is not undergirded by the quest to out-do each other but rather by the desire to make everyone win. It’s a win because of and not at the expense of the other. As Pastoral Care, we have designed ways in which our employees can realize small but meaningful wins in the workspace. These small wins spur them on to bigger wins for themselves, the company and the clients we serve. One of these ways devised is the Points for Participation campaign. This is a results-based model of incentivizing employees for their contribution to the goal of transforming our workplace from simply being an office to being a community where people are safe to pray, learn and grow together. Today, our General Manager, Brad handed over T-Shirts to our top winners for February. They were #focussed and they #participated. To our winners we say, congrats- keep winning because your win is everyone’s win.