A win for One is a win for many

The win-win-win mantra undergirds our Growing Together Culture. At the beginning of the year, Pastoral Care launched an incentive-based strategy with the objective of increasing participation in our programs and activities. Our pastoral care programs are tailor-made to contribute to the spiritual and other developmental aspects of the human person. Active participation by employees will ensure that as many as possible benefit. It will also ensure that as many as possible contribute to engendering a spiritually, psychologically and emotionally safe working environment.  There is a ministry dimension to the participation strategy. At the end of each quarter, we select the top participant based on the number of appearances and the level of participation. The top winner gets the privilege to select 4 families from his neighbourhood to receive food hampers. In the pictures, we see the 1st Quarter winner, Bongani handing over groceries to the families in his neighbourhood. Bongani’s win at the workplace became the win of 4 families in the community. I (Ps Abe) visited the families with Bongani. It was a humbling encounter, getting into people’s homes, listening to them talking about how tough life has become especially the grannies, telling them about ZimWorX and praying together.  The recipients could not decipher how, out of the blue, a company could just think of helping them. One of the grannies said in her prayer, “God bless ZimWorX for extending a helping hand to us during these times of great selfishness”. But why do we do what we do? The answer is very simple, we do what we do because of who we are. We are not just a business; we are also a ministry that seeks to make an impact in the lives of the less privileged members of society. We believe sharing with others what God has blessed us with is an exercise of responsible stewardship.