Communicating with Virtual Teams

Virtual Team members work remotely from a different geographical location. This requires them to leverage technology to ensure consistent communication is maintained with their employer. Communicating with virtual teams is key to the success of any business that is outsourcing. The most commonly used methods to communicate with virtual team members are phone and video conferencing. At Global BP Solutions, we use Zoom and Ring Central Meetings for video conferencing. Ring Central is also our preferred phone service provider.

Communicating with Virtual Teams Through Video Conferencing

  • Zoom Meetings is an industry-leading online video and audio conferencing meeting platform. It works on mobile and desktop devices. A single meeting can host up to 100 participants.
  • Ring Central Meetings is a powerful, high definition, cloud web conferencing application. It allows up to 200 participants to do face to face meetings, share files and documents anytime anywhere.
These fantastic platforms make easy communication with your virtual team in Zimbabwe a reality. They give you the opportunity to have regular meetings with your team members from a car, airplane or in the comfort of your home. All that is required is a good Internet Connection. Phone
  • Ring Central offers a cloud phone service that allows your VT to call you from Zimbabwe using a local USA area code and phone number. Starting at $15 per month per user, your VT can make unlimited phone calls across the United States and Canada. This also includes 100 toll-free minutes per month. Ring Central is your perfect all in one cloud phone, video conferencing and team messaging platform.
These two platforms ensure consistent communication with your VT, helping to create that face-to-face bond that ensures you sustain a meaningful relationship 10,000+ miles away. Through the use of technology, distance is no longer a barrier to communication or the successful development of a relationship with your virtual team. Technology brings you closer together.

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Click on the link below to view our virtual team members in Zimbabwe on a video conference-meeting call with their employers in Dallas, Texas. Ruvarashe Florence Chirimuta works as a Marketing Coordinator for Global BP Solutions LLC  at its BP Centre in Zimbabwe. Global BP Solutions is a Christian based business with a desire to help businesses and ministries to be their very best while helping support people and ministries Globally.
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