Insourcing Africa: 10 Reasons Why Africa Is The Best Destination

Africa is a culturally diverse continent that has shown substantial growth in relation to technology, cultural adaptation, and education.

This growth has given businesses from other continents the opportunity to benefit from talent through virtually insourcing Africa. Insourcing is utilized by companies to dial down and focus on the core aspects of the business, spinning off the less critical operations to outside organizations.

Here’s why insourcing Africa is about to shift your business from good to AWESOME!

  1. No language barrier

Some insourcing destinations have different cultural and linguistic abilities. However, some countries in Africa are former British territories, which means their culture and English-speaking skills are good for business.

Language is key to building a strong relationship with your virtual assistant team. Destinations like Zimbabwe are official English-speaking countries with a high literacy rate. Which means that communicating is a lot simpler than what you’d anticipate.

  1. Time flexibility

Time varies with regions, however, insourced virtual team members are able to work according to your schedule, allowing them to integrate with your local team and performing tasks efficiently.

For instance, if you are in Texas U.S.A your day would start at 08.00 hrs. which is 14.00hrs. in Zimbabwe. This does not affect your normal working schedule as the virtual teams are equipped with highspeed internet and office space in a high rise building with all the necessary amenities needed to help your business function well regardless of time zone differences.

African student
  1. Education

Another reason to insource Africa is that people in Africa value education and with the growth of online learning platforms, it is easier to for them to get certified in key competencies. Zimbabwe has one of the highest literacy rates within the Sub-Saharan region, with at least 86.9 % of its population educated up to college level. With over 20 universities, there is a huge pool of talent that is qualified to take your business to the next level.

The pool of educated professionals is large, allowing your business to benefit from skilled individuals who will prioritize your needs and, help your business scale.

  1. Cost efficiency

Saving money is always a priority for any business. Insourcing can save your business up to 70% on payroll costs.

Statistics show that the added annual cost for a new position can be equal to, or more than 150% of the actual pay. By adding a position at an annual salary of $36,000, the “real” cost to the business could be in the $54,000 range. The option to add a Virtual Team to your business can reduce this by as much as 70%.

By outsourcing to a destination like Zimbabwe you are guaranteed a big save on your finances. Here’s a guide on how to start insourcing from Africa.

  1. Sustained Quality

As a business, you want to maintain your standards and improve on them. Your product and your brand are the reason your business stands, finding a team that will help you add value to your product offering is important.

Insourcing ensures that your quality is not compromised. Virtual team members are trained, professional and well equipped in various areas of relevant industries. This plays a part in keeping your performance at its A-game. 

  1. Embracing technology

Africa by January 2018 had an urbanization rate growth of 55% and a technology penetration rate of 53%. This is evidence that as an outsourcing destination Africa is able to elevate your business and help you scale, with an understanding of technological trends.

  1. Flexibility

Insourcing tasks, allows your business to maintain financial flexibility, especially when there is an uncertainty in demand. Some business process providers offer short-term service removing the stress of a lengthy contract.

As mentioned before Insourcing to places like Zimbabwe gives you a competitive edge, to focus on your core competencies.

  1. Cultural adaptation

The disparity in culture is not a problem when it comes to insourcing to Africa. African people are known to blend in well with new and diverse cultures. With clear and concise command of the English language, it makes it simpler for you to understand and connect with your virtual team.

  1. Frees up your time

You can insource general repetitive tasks to your outsourcing partner in Africa. This allows you to focus on the core areas of your business. Dental practices, for example, insource tasks such as insurance verification and patient scheduling, allowing the dentists and other staff to focus on other key areas.

  1. Data Security

Data security is a huge element when it comes to outsourcing and the constant sharing of sensitive data. Insourcing partners have to have security protocols is put in place that is robust, to ensure that all your data is secure.

Think about it, Africa is the next big thing, and you could be missing out on making your business a success. Get in touch with us today, and get the ball rolling to scale your business.

Insource Africa!

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