Payroll costs driving you up the wall? Here’s how to Save up to 75%

Money, Money, Money, that’s probably the first thing you think of when it comes to your business.

The biggest question as a business is, “what are some of the key areas we are spending money on that we shouldn’t?”

Whether your business is small or big, hiring new personnel that’s qualified puts a strain on your business’ finances.

You are probably wondering how you can cut your payroll costs?

The real cost

Typically, you’d think that hiring a person just means getting them a space they can work in and that’s it.

Hiring someone goes beyond sourcing their salary. Statistics show that the added annual cost for a new position can equal up to, or more than 150% of the actual pay. By adding a position at an annual salary of $36,000, the “real” cost to the business could be in the $54,000 range.

survey by glassdoor indicates that US companies spend $4000 on hiring a new employee alone. This includes the hiring process and the procurement of equipment the employee will use. For a small business this is not sustainable.

Insourcing to Africa allows your business to have their work done in an efficient manner at a lower cost.
The option to add a Virtual Team to your business can reduce this by as much as 75%.

There are tangible and intangible implications of hiring internally, which are often misconstrued.

Payroll costs also include:

  • Salary or Hourly rate
  • Health insurance
  • Workman’s Compensation Insurance
  • Retirement account
  • Office or workspace
  • Computer
  • Software
  • Training

Finding an Insourcing partner is key to saving a chunk on your payroll. This allows you to have a great and dedicated Virtual Team that is not only affordable but is professional. However, insourcing from a location such as Zimbabwe can lower your payroll costs by up to 75%! Now that’s a bargain.

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